New employment related proposals have been put forward including:

  • The repeal of the sections of the Equality Act 2010 relating to third party harassment and the discrimination questionnaire.
  • Giving tribunals the power to order employers to carry out a pay audit, where they have been found to have breached equal pay law or discriminated because of sex in non contractual pay (for example discretionary bonuses). The amendment describes an equal pay audit as an audit 'designed to identify action to be taken to avoid equal pay breaches occurring or continuing'.
  • Extending the circumstances in which tribunals can make deposit orders to the situation where a party wishes to ‘pursue a specific allegation or argument within proceedings’. At the moment tribunals can only make deposit orders where a party wishes to continue to participate in proceedings’.
  • Enabling tribunals to award costs or expenses to litigants in person.

The responses to these proposals have now been published and further amendments have been proposed.