EP votes through interchange fees changes: EP has voted through the Regulation capping interchange fees for payments using consumer credit and debit cards. It says this, with the revised Payment Services Directive, will enhance fee transparency, stimulate competition and provide better choice for retailers and consumers. The new rules will not apply to "three party" card schemes such as American Express and Diners provided the card is both issued and processed within the same scheme, nor will they apply to commercial cards used to pay only business expenses. The European Commission (Commission) welcomed the vote on the Regulation, which now needs endorsement and formal adoption from the Council of the EU. (Source: EP Votes Through Interchange Fees Changes)

EP adopts ELTIF rules: EP has voted to adopt rules that will address the present reluctance of banks to lend to small businesses or open-ended research projects by creating European Long-Term Investment Funds (ELTIFs). ELTIFs are designed to channel non-bank funds into long-term projects to deliver infrastructure, intellectual property or research results. (Source: MEPs Vote to Channel Funds Towards Long Term European Investment)