Young inventors from 18 to 35 will present at the forum in Veliky Novgorod and demonstrate their innovative projects, by which the authors have become celebrated in their countries. These innovations have both an increased level of commercialization and patent protection, and these two components of innovative developments are the most significant today. 45 participants will present at the forum, including scientific supervisors who have accompanied innovators throughout their scientific and research careers. The forum will also host an exhibition of innovative developments in the Lecture Hall of the Museum-Reserve, where the innovative and investment potential of Russian youth will be presented.

The main goal of the youth innovation forum is to form an innovative platform for the exchange of experience, obtaining theoretical and applied knowledge in the field of innovation management and intellectual property, and to maintain international cooperation. An important point is also the strengthening of Russia as a center for scientific, technical, global, and innovative activities. The created atmosphere of community and mutual understanding will give impulse to the construction of effective and competent communication between the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union and to the joint creative projects on the terms of mutually beneficial exchange and equal partnership. The forum will also help to create a talent pool of beginners and promising specialists in the future.

The planning session will begin at the Arensky Regional Philharmonic Hall, which is located in the Novgorod Kremlin. The Forum meeting will be officially opened to the participants and guests of the Forum, then a seminar on "Improving the PCT Agreement" will begin, which is organized jointly by WIPO and Rospatent. The best practices on the commercialization of innovations and intellectual activity results will be shown for young innovators, and a round table will be organized for scientific supervisors, at which Rospatent will present its latest patent landscape projects as well as international experience in this field.

As an entertainment program for everyone in the innovation Forum, cultural and educational events will be held, such as an excursion to the sights of the city and a cruise on a motor ship on the Volkov River, where guests will be given the opportunity to participate in various masterclasses and watch a fire show on the shore in the style of Ancient Russia.

The organizers of the event will compile a detailed catalog of all innovative projects that the participants presented at the exhibition, and then they will send it via email to authors of developments and scientific mentors. All this communication will help innovators to develop friendly ties between all scientifically open young inventors.