Did you know January 28 is Data Privacy Day (DPD)?  DPD commemorates Convention 108, the first legally binding international treaty dealing with privacy and data protection, signed on January 28, 1981.  DPD began in the United States and Canada in January 2008 as an extension of the DPD celebrated in Europe.  On January, 27, 2014, the 113th U.S. Congress adopted a nonbinding resolution expressing support for the designation of January 28 as “National Data Privacy Day.”

National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), a non-profit organization dedicated to cyber-security education and awareness, describes that DPD is about respecting privacy, safeguarding data and enabling trust.  DPD creates awareness among consumers about privacy and educates them about how their information may be collected and the benefits and risks of sharing personal information.  In addition, DPD encourages businesses to be data stewards by being open and honest about they collect, use and share personal information and clearly communicating any available privacy and security controls.

On January 28, 2015, consider becoming a DPD Champion to show your commitment to “Respecting Privacy, Safeguarding Data and Enabling Trust.” Existing champions include various industry leaders, educational institutions, non-profit organizations and government agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission, Center for Internet Security, and International Association of Privacy Professionals.