By means of Resolution No. 1409, 2012, the Ministry of Work established the rules of safety procedures to avoid falls from heights in the workplace. It is understood that work at heights is the one performed at heights greater than 1,50 meters above a lower level. From now on, it is required that all employees performing work at heights have a certificate for safe work at height. The Resolution establishes a 24 months period counted as from August 9, 2012 (date of entry into force of Resolution) for employers to complete the process of training their employees or obtaining the relevant certification, as required in accordance to the activities they perform.

Further to the above, Resolution 1409 of 2012 introduced the following provisions:

  • Activities of emergency and rescue, recreational, sporting, artistic and high mountain activities are excluded from the application of the resolution.
  • The Occupational Health Program of the employer must include a Fall Protection Program.
  • Employers whose employees perform work tasks at heights with risk of fall are required to perform occupational medical evaluations and designate the role of safety coordinator and assistant to employees authorized to work at heights.
  • Employees and Occupational Risk Administrators must also meet certain obligations.
  • The emergency plan must include a process for emergency care and rescue at heights with resources and trained personnel.

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