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Whistleblowing and self-reporting


Are whistleblowers protected in your jurisdiction?

Whistleblowing is not currently protected at a federal level and in certain circumstances whistleblowing may potentially lead to both criminal and civil liability for breach of confidentiality and criminal liability for defamation.

However, in Dubai, Dubai Law 4/2016 on Financial Crimes has some protection for whistleblowers in respect of certain financial crimes, but, in compliance with the UAE Constitution, these provisions will need to be read compatibly with federal law.


Is it common for leniency to be shown to organisations that self-report and/or cooperate with authorities? If so, what process must be followed?

A briber or any intermediary may be exempt from criminal punishment if they promptly inform the authorities of the crime before the crime is discovered, pursuant to Article 239 of Federal Law 3/1987.

If a confession is made after the case is communicated to the court, it will be counted as a mitigating excuse.

The court has discretion regarding prosecution for money laundering by an individual, among multiple perpetrators, who co-operates with the authorities by providing them with information as to the other perpetrators and the crime itself before the authorities acquire such information and provided that such information leads to the detection of the other perpetrators or the funds which were the subject of the crime.

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