The Stockholm Administrative Court (“Administrative Court”) handed down a ruling confirming the fine of SEK 5 million proposed by the Swedish Competition Authority (“SCA”) on Täby municipality for breaching public procurement rules in connection with the construction and reconstruction work of Täby center. The municipality had entered into two verbal agreements with a contractor without putting them out to tender. These two contracts agreements were hence considered illegal direct awards. Täby municipality contacted, on its own initiative, the SCA and informed the authority of its breach of the rules at a time when the SCA was still unaware of the issue. Therefore, the SCA lowered its claims on the amount of procurement fines to approximately half of what is normally demanded for these types of breaches. This is the first time that the SCA has opted for such a reduction in connection with claims for procurement fines due to illegal direct award. Sources: The Swedish Competition Authority Press Release 01/10/2013; judgment of the Stockholm Administrative Court (19810-13) 30/09/2013 and judgment of the Stockholm Administrative Court (19811-13) (30/09/2013)