The Danish Parliament has passed two bills amending the Danish Act on Aliens. As a consequence, the Greencard scheme is repealed and the Pay Limit scheme is changed .

Under the Danish Greencard scheme, a foreigner could obtain a residence permit in Denmark if he or she had 100 points in a points system determined by the Minister of Immigration, Integration and Housing.

Under the Pay Limit scheme, a foreigner can be granted a residence permit in Denmark if he or she has a job with a salary that is higher than a yearly fixed minimum amount.

This minimum amount has so far been 375,000 Danish kroner per year, but will increase to 400,000 Danish kroner annually as a result of the adopted bill. The amount will be adjusted every year, so the adjustment corresponds to wage developments in society.

The regulations enter into force 10 June 2016, and will affect foreign employees seeking employment in Denmark, and the Danish employers who want to hire foreign employees. The existing rules apply to foreigners who have applied for residence permits before 10 June 2016.

The bills do not influence other schemes under which foreigners can obtain residence or work permit in Denmark.