Check out our pick of the top 10 recommendations in the Harper Competition Policy Review Draft Report. We have also given each recommendation a rating for how likely it is the Government will be brave enough to try it on.

  1. Taxis: Deregulation of the taxi industry to allow more competition. A win for Uber and the like. Unlikely, and anyway it's a matter for the States.
  2. Retail: Deregulation of retail trading hours except big ticket holidays like Christmas Day, to allow more competition with e-tailers. The Feds might be keen, but this is a State issue.
  3. Parallel imports: Remove remaining restrictions on parallel imports unless restriction is the only means of preserving a public interest. Unlikely, local industry will scream blue murder.
  4. Intellectual property: Lots of change here, including removing the broad IP exception to Part IV contraventions (parts of it are almost 20 years out of date), but retaining an IP exception for cartel conduct. Some reform is likely here because it's a mess.
  5. Misuse of market power: Replace the notorious ‘proscribed purpose’ test with a ‘substantially lessening competition’ test. This would make the scope for contravention much wider and see a lot more successful prosecutions. Likely, but will be hotly opposed by big business.
  6. Third line forcing: Make third line forcing illegal only if it is likely to cause a substantial lessening of competition, like the other forms of exclusive dealing. Almost certain, and about time.
  7. Cartels: They're only five years old, but there is a call for a complete overhaul of the cartel conduct rules because they're stupidly complex. Likely.
  8. Price signalling: Repeal! Great call. This is a silly and ineffective provision that was introduced a couple of years ago to target banks ‘signalling’ interest rates to one another. Likely – it was brought in by Labor.
  9. Private actions: Expand rules around factual findings in prosecution proceedings to facilitate private actions (but complicate prosecutions). Probably too hard.
  10. Pharmacies: Ancient rules about pharmacy ownership and location should go. They were only ever there to protect a powerful vested interest. Will not happen (and it's a State issue).