Recently, eighteen departments including the National Development and Reform Commission ("NDRC") jointly issued the Interim Administrative Measures for the Operation of the National Online Platform for Approving and Regulating Investment Projects (the "Measures"), which will enter into force from June 25, 2017. 

The Measures, comprised of six chapters with 25 articles, cover the system architecture, project codes, operating processes, operation guarantee, and other contents. According to the Measures, a uniform code system applies to all types of fixed assets investment projects, with one project linked with one code. Even if a project is extended or adjusted, its project code will remain the same; but in case of any material change to a project, which results in the necessity to file another application for review, approval or record-filing, a new code will be assigned to the project. In addition, the Measures clarify that the national online platform for approving and regulating investment projects should count the time in accordance with the required timeframe for application management departments to process relevant matters, and automatically give a notification in the light of the actual progress. Furthermore, the Measures set out that information about the project review and approval, project regulation, punishment results, etc. shall be made accessible to the public via the online platform in a timely manner. The project unit could check the progress of project processing and the review and approval result with the project code. 

全国投资项目在线审批监管平台运行管理 暂行办法发布 

近日,国家发改委等18部门联合发布《全国 投资项目在线审批监管平台运行管理暂行 办法》(下称《办法》),自2017年6月25日 起施行。 

《办法》共6章25条,涵盖体系架构、项目代 码、运行流程、运行保障等内容。根据《办 法》,各类固定资产投资项目实行统一代码 制度,一项一码。项目延期或调整的,项目 代码保持不变;项目发生重大变化,需要重新审批、核准、备案的,应当重新赋码。 《办法》明确,全国投资项目在线审批监管 平台根据应用管理部门相关事项办理时限 要求进行计时,并根据实际进度进行自动 提示。《办法》规定,项目审批信息、监管信 息、处罚结果等要及时通过在线平台向社会 公开。项目单位可凭项目代码查询项目办理 过程及审批结果。