Energy storage is changing the way power flows to us, and may enable greater adoption of renewable energy (for more on this, read our December 13, 2013 article). More than 800,000 lithium-ion D-size batteries at a Dayton Power & Light facility form an array that stores power when demand is low and provides extra power when demand is high on a grid that serves 60 million people. In a Dayton Daily News article, AES Energy Storage president Chris Shelton says the “$20 million AES battery array…is the first advanced battery energy storage system in Ohio and one of the top five largest in the world.” In the article, Shelton says the 40-megawatt system, launched in September 2013, has been recognized for “moving the entire industry forward to really take storage seriously and include more of it as an alternative to power plants, in some cases.” For more, read the full article.