The Government has published its Summer Legislation Programme 2013.

We have set out below some of the most significant legislation coming down the tracks. A number of these proposed Bills have been carried over from the Spring Legislation Programme. Bills of interest which are expected to be published before the summer recess include:

  • Protected Disclosure in the Public Interest Bill – This Bill, otherwise known as the “Whistleblower Bill”, will provide protection against reprisals and victimisation and redress for workers who disclose information regarding serious wrongdoing in the workplace.
  • Consumer and Competition Bill – This Bill will amalgamate the National Consumer Agency and the Competition Authority and give effect to other changes to competition and consumer law.
  • Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill – This Bill will repeal and replace the Freedom of Information Acts 1997 and 2003. See our Client Bulletin of 18 September 2012 for more information.
  • Employment Permits Bill – This Bill will consolidate existing legislation, to take account of evolving jurisprudence and to cater for future accessions to the EU. It is likely that the Bill will specifically address the consequences of the recent High Court decision of Hussein v Labour Court. See our Client Bulletin of 18 September 2012 for more information.
  • Workplace Relations Bill – This Bill will reform the existing statutory workplace redress system. See our Client Bulletin of 14 March 2012 for more information.
  • Friendly Societies and Industrial and Provident Societies (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill – this Bill will introduce a number of regulatory improvements for co-operative societies.
  • Fines (Amendment) Bill – this Bill will amend the Fines Act 2010 to provide for the introduction of attachment of earnings, to make it easier to pay fines and to provide for the recovery of unpaid fines.
  • Assisted Decision-making (Capacity) Bill – This Bill will reform the law on mental capacity, taking into account the Law Reform Commission’s Report on Vulnerable Adults and the law.
  • Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission Bill – This Bill will merge the Human Rights Commission and the Equality Authority and will give effect to recent judgments of the European Court of Justice.
  • Houses of the Oireachtas (Inquiries, Privilege and Procedures) Bill – This Bill will provide a statutory framework for Oireachtas Inquiries.

Bills of interest currently before the Dáil and Seanad include:

  • Companies Bill 2012 - This Bill will be debated at Second Stage in the Dáil on 23, 24 and 25 April 2013.
  • Central Bank (Supervision and Enforcement) Bill 2011 – This Bill is awaiting the Committee Stage of the Dáil.
  • Criminal Justice (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing) (Amendment) Bill 2013 – this Bill is awaiting Second Stage in the Dáil. See our Client Bulletin of 5 February 2013 for more information.
  • Courts Bill 2013 – awaiting Committee Stage in the Seanad. Please see our Client Bulletin of 27 March 2013 for more information.
  • Credit Reporting Bill 2012 – this Bill is at Second Stage in the Dáil.
  • Criminal Justice (Spent Convictions) Bill 2012 – this Bill is currently in the Seanad awaiting Order for Report.