We reported in July about the formal SEA process now being followed by the Government in relation to the revocation of Regional Strategies - it having been established that the environmental effect of the revocation of plans must be assessed. In July, the environmental report was published relating to the East of England Plan, and we rather assumed all the others would soon follow. That has not happened, but today, the report has been published, and the consulation on it has begun, in relation to the Yorkshire and Humber RS.

What is noteworthy here is that, in the context of the York Green Belt, an adverse effect has been identified that was not recognised in the earlier "voluntary" environmental assessment. The concern identified is; "If the Regional Strategy were to be revoked ahead of the adoption of a sound Local Plan that provides for development needs in York in a sustainable way and in conjunction with fully defined outer and inner Green Belt boundaries, then there would also be a risk during the period between revocation and Local Plan adoption of development being approved on land which would otherwise have been incorporated into the York Green Belt"

So, the route to revocation is not as smooth as was originally envisaged. Be careful what you wish for?