The Public Tender for the awarding of a Private Investment Contract for the Building, Ownership and Operation of a Crude Oil Refinery in Soyo has been officially announced by the Ministry for Mineral Resources and Petroleum, entity responsible for the certification, conduction, execution and monitoring of the Executive’s geological, mining, oil, gas and biofuel-related activities, who will be the Contracting Authority in this procedure.

This is an International Public Tender opened to both domestic and foreign companies, and it is aimed at the construction of a Refinery with the capacity of processing 100.000 (one hundred thousand) barrels of crude oil per day in Soyo, a port city in the province of Zaire, Northwestern Angola. Being this a Private Investment Contract, it is subject to several tax incentives, such as the significant reduction of the Industrial Tax, Real Estate Tax and Capital Income Tax.

The Public Tender was launched on 24 October 2019, and the deadline for submission of proposals expires on 18 December 2019. The winner will be announced on 4 March 2020.

All the information referring to the minimum requisites of technical and financial capacity, the documentation required to prove this technical and financial capacity and the estimated value of the concession agreement as well as its period of execution are available on the tender documents.