The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conversation (“TDEC”) issued a December 14 Order and Assessment (“Order”) to Sweetwater Valley Oil Co. (“Sweetwater”) regarding alleged violations at Tennessee underground storage tanks (“UST”).

The Order states that Sweetwater is the owner of USTs, in Madisonville, TN.

TDEC personnel are stated to have undertaken a compliance inspection of the Sweetwater facility on December 8, 2015. The compliance inspection is alleged to have identified the following violations:

  1. Failure to conduct annual line tightness test or do monthly monitoring on pressurized underground piping in accordance with Rule 0400-18-01-04(2)(b)1(2) (an annual line tightness test was not available at the time of inspection);
  2. Failure to test line leak detectors annually in accordance with Rule 0400-18-01-.04(4)(a) (an annual line leak detector function test was not available at the time of inspection);
  3. Failure to install overfill prevention system in accordance with Rule 0400-18-01-.02(3)(a) 1(ii) (verification of an overfill prevention system could not be documented at the time of inspection).

The Order references documents eventually provided to TDEC verifying subsequent compliance with the three alleged violations.

A civil penalty in the amount of $8,000 is assessed. Options for reducing the full amount of the penalty involve avoiding violations over a period of time or undertaking certain training are provided.

A copy of the Order can be downloaded below.