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Project licensing

What licensing requirements and procedures apply to construction projects in your jurisdiction (eg, planning consents)?

The commencement and execution of construction works (ie, excluding engineering and design work) can proceed only once a construction permit has been obtained. The details and extent of the permit depend on the project.

In principle, the erection, alteration, change in use or demolition of a building requires a building permit in accordance with state building regulations. Such permits contain a declaration by the competent authority that the building project complies with public law. The execution of construction works must comply with the relevant permits. Therefore, if variations and changes are implemented during construction, the initial permit may have to be amended.

Besides the construction permit, further administrative permits may be required for the operation of, for example, process plants. Non-compliance with either a construction or operational permits may lead to the closure of the respective process plant or even the demolition of the construction works.

Professional licensing and qualification

What licensing requirements and procedures apply to construction professionals, including any required qualifications?

While construction professionals are not regulated at the federal level, they may be a member of federal or state associations (eg, the Association of German Engineers). No specific requirements apply to general contractors other than the relevant registration to conduct business and operate in Germany.

Do any special rules and restrictions apply to foreign construction professionals?

No specific rules apply to foreign construction professionals. However, exceptions apply to the hiring of foreign workers.

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