Manitoba may be the next province in Canada to consider introducing franchise-specific legislation. In May, the province’s Law Reform Commission issued a consultation paper on franchising. The Commission noted that franchising is a relatively unregulated business activity and that there have been recent allegations of fraud relating to the sale of franchises in the province. (The full text of the paper can be found here.) The stated purpose of the paper was to consider whether provincial franchise-specific legislation is required and, if so, what should be included in such legislation.

The paper included background information about franchising in general, the province’s experience with franchising matters and an overview of franchise legislation both in Canada and internationally. The paper also issued an open invitation to the public to submit written comments by August 20 and listed specific questions for consideration. To view the comments submitted by Osler, click here. It would be the fifth Canadian province to enact such legislation, preceded by (in order of enactment) Alberta, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick (see “New Brunswick Introduces Franchise Legislation” below).