Further potential problems for car owners as Toyota announces recall

The car manufacturer is recalling 6.5 million vehicles worldwide after they became aware of a faulty switch within a large number of vehicles. The switch, located on the driver’s side, could potentially short circuit, resulting in melting of vehicle parts and fire.

Toyota advised that due to inconsistent application of grease during the manufacturing process, use of the switches could generate excessive wear and the accumulation of debris near electrical contact points. This debris can cause short circuits, which could lead to a risk of fire in the vehicle. In the US, one customer suffered a burn to their hand, and there were 11 reports of burns to the door trim and to the switch itself.

The recall affects cars manufactured between 2005 and 2010,  and includes the Toyota Yaris, Corolla and Rav 4. Of the 6.5 million vehicles recalled, 1.2 million of the affected vehicles were sold in Europe, with 2.7 million sold in North America and the remaining 600,000 sold in Japan.

Toyota has made a number of previous recalls recently, including recalling approximately 10 million cars globally over faulty airbags, which have been linked to a number of deaths.

Toyota has advised that those consumers with products affected by the recall should contact their local Toyota Dealer as soon as possible.