In Romero Insurance Brokers Ltd v Templeton, where the Court decided that a restrictive covenant was enforceable, the contract sought to prevent an insurance broker from soliciting business from clients for 12 months after the end of his employment. The Court was content that the employer could point to a legitimate business interest to protect but the concern was the length of the restriction. However, the Court concluded that the covenant was enforceable, despite its length, essentially because it was standard in the insurance industry (the employee had had a similar clause in his previous employment and in the new contract he was entering into with the competitor), probably because insurance renewals operate on a 12 month cycle. It was also relevant that he was "a broker of standing in his area"; this meant that a relatively long period of restriction was more likely to be acceptable.

The fact that the restriction was limited to clients with whom the employee had done business for six months prior to termination was not inconsistent; if anything, it helped to show that the overall period was not too long.