The IRS today released final instructions to Form 1042-S, modified to accommodate reporting of payments and amounts withheld under FATCA.  Form 1042-S is used by withholding agents, and certain other payers, to report payments to foreign persons of certain amounts from US sources, including fixed or determinable annual or periodical (FDAP) income and foreign reportable payments paid by participating foreign financial institutions.  When a financial institution reports a payment made to its financial account, Form 1042-S requires the reporting of additional information about a recipient of the payment, such as the recipient's account number, date of birth, and foreign taxpayer identification number, if any.  For withholding agents, intermediaries, flow-through entities, and recipients, when the payment reported is a withholdable payment, Form 1042-S also requires that the chapter 4 FATCA status be reported according to codes provided in the instructions.