An arbitral tribunal with industry-specific expertise can be critical for the resolution of complex arbitration cases. TheEnergy Arbitrators List will assist in the identification of arbitrators in international energy disputes.

The Energy Arbitrators List is a no-cost, online list of arbitrators with wide-ranging experience in deciding energy disputes. The database is searchable by geographic area, expertise, keyword, language and nationality. Visitors to the site can search for arbitrators who have heard cases across 13 industry categories.

Industry categories

Core upstream contracts
Downstream / refining and marketing
Gas price redeterminations
Gas processing / LPG
Independent power generation
Investor / state disputes
Marketing and trading / commodities
Pipelines and midstream
Renewable energy
Technical upstream contracts
Utility and energy regulatory

The Energy Arbitrators List was created almost a decade ago by an ad hoc industry group. The recently updated list was agreed by an international review committee of energy experts. Members of the review committee include industry participants, corporate counsel, private practitioners, and representatives of state and private energy companies.

The Energy Arbitrators List is supported by the International Centre for Dispute Resolution® (ICDR®). Upon request, the ICDR will provide fee-based administrative assistance such as enhanced list-selection or conflicts-checking procedures.

The review committee considers applications from experienced arbitrators for listing on an annual basis.