On 14 March 2014, the EU issued Council Decision 2014/141/CFSP, amending Common Position 2008/109/CFSP which prohibits the supply by nationals of Member States, or from Member State territories, of arms and related material to Liberia. The Common Position exempted certain transactions from the scope of the sanctions, including the supply of weapons to governmental police and security forces, as well as the provision of technical training and assistance.

Whereas the Common Position imposed an obligation on Member States to notify the UN Liberia Sanctions Committee upon the successful delivery of permitted supplies and assistance, the Council Decision now transfers this primary reporting obligation to the Liberian authorities in advance of any such supply being provided.

The Council Decision implements UN Security Council Resolution 2128 (2013), adopted on 10 December 2013, renewing the UN arms embargo.

Council Decision 2014/141/CFSP (PDF)

Common Position 2008/109/CFSP (PDF)

UN Security Council Resolution 2128 (2013) (PDF)