On 19 August 2016, Finnish Customs posted the following on its website:

Customs supervises compliance with the import prohibitions and restrictions as provided for by the new Finnish Tobacco Act (549/2016) which entered into force on 15 August 2016. Sellers are allowed to carry out cross-border distance selling of electronic cigarettes and nicotine liquids until 1 January 2017. However, ordering these products from private individuals is prohibited according to section 65 of the Tobacco Act.

Section 65 of the Tobacco Act provides that a private individual is not allowed to obtain or receive by mail, as a goods shipment or by comparable means tobacco products, electronic cigarettes or nicotine liquids from a trader outside of Finland.

Section 120 of the Tobacco Act does not provide for any transitional regulation that would concern the acquisition and receipt of these products from outside Finland as provided for by section 65.

An urgent amendment to the Tobacco Act is currently underway. The amendment provides for a transitional period concerning the acquisition and receipt of tobacco products, electronic cigarettes and nicotine liquids. Products seized and detained based on section 65 of the Tobacco Act will be returned to their owners before the amendment enters into force.