The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs has mailed Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters (“CSALs”) to individual establishments identified for upcoming compliance reviews. The March 27, 2013, mailing is the Agency’s second wave of letters — the first was sent on November 14, 2012 (see our article, OFCCP Issues Large Wave of Advance Scheduling Notification Letters to Corporations Identified for Compliance Reviews).

The CSALs provide employers with advance notice of the locations targeted for OFCCP audit. The CSAL does not initiate an audit and will be followed by a “scheduling letter.” The scheduling letter is a standardized information request.  Contractors must provide their affirmative action plan to OFCCP within 30 days of receiving a scheduling letter.

CSALs were sent directly to the facility to be audited, and, consistent with the last round of CSALs, notifications were to be sent to every facility slated for audit. The CSALs are addressed simply to “Human Resources Director” and were mailed via regular U.S. mail. Thus, it is imperative that employers notify field personnel about this mailing and instruct them to forward the letters immediately to the responsible corporate official.

This new round of CSALs does not supersede the November 14th letters – if any of your facilities were identified in either round of CSALs, OFCCP likely will audit that facility before the end of its fiscal year (September 30, 2013).