Effective immediately, family members of Argentinians, Bolivians, Brazilians, Chileans, Ecuadorians, Paraguayans, Peruvians, and Uruguayans (“Mercosur nationals” with the exception of Venezuelans) are eligible applicants for dependent status under Colombia’s new TP-15 visa category.  The TP-15 visa is replacing what was previously categorized as the “Mercosur visa,” available exclusively for Mercosur nationals, and now enables non-Mercosur spouses, unmarried partners, and children under 24 years of age to obtain dependent nonimmigrant status when accompanying a Mercosur national family member to Colombia.

At this time, the TP-15 dependent status does not confer work authorization, but allows non-Mercosur family members to temporarily reside and study in Colombia. Applications are currently available upon arrival or at a Colombian consulate abroad for issuance up to two years.

The creation of the TP-15 visa category eliminates the need for separate independent visa applications on behalf of non-Mercosur family members accompanying Mercosur nationals to Colombia. The benefit of dependent status aims to facilitate travel and business between participant countries of the Mercosur bloc.