A coalition of environmental groups has sued the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for allegedly failing to consider global warming impacts of oil and gas leasing on public lands in Montana and the Dakotas. Mont. Envtl. Info. Ctr. v. BLM, No. 1126 (D. Mont. filed 2/7/11). The complaint alleges that BLM violated NEPA by failing to address climate change and energy concerns before selling and lifting a suspension on specific federal oil and gas leases. It specifically argues that the agency failed to consider alternatives to ensure climate-warming gases like methane were prevented from emitting into the atmosphere and failed to take a “hard look” at waste and inefficiency. The complaint seeks an order from the court requiring BLM to revisit the challenged sales and leasing decisions to evaluate and prevent greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and methane waste. A supplemental NEPA review that BLM completed in 2010 concluded that GHG emissions from the oil and gas sector have no significant impacts on the environment.