The United States Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) and University of Vermont and State Agricultural College (“Vermont”) entered into a March 17th Consent Agreement and Final Order (“Consent Agreement”) addressing alleged Resource Conservation Recovery Act (“RCRA”) violations. See EPA Docket No. RCRA-01-2016-0077.

The Consent Agreement references Vermont’s Environmental Research Safety Facility Bio-Research Complex which is located in Burlington, Vermont.

Vermont is required by the Consent Agreement to certify that it:

  1. Does not currently, nor will in the future, store incompatible waste in the same container;
  2. Shall include all applicable waste codes on land disposal restriction notifications;
  3. Shall provide the necessary hazardous waste training, and Department of Transportation training to employees with hazardous waste management responsibilities; and,
  4. Has labeled, and in the future shall label, based on accurate waste determinations, containers of hazardous waste with all applicable waste codes.

Vermont agrees to civil penalty of $20,000.00.