On 19 December, Insurance Europe issued a press release based on a survey it conducted on investment infrastructure projects. Insurance Europe found that whilst many insurers are becoming increasingly interested in infrastructure assets. Policymakers need to increase the supply of suitable assets in order to unlock future potential investment.

The survey reported that in the coming years a number of large European insurers will increase their infrastructure investments by a total of around 50bn according to commitments they've made publicly. One thing that emerged from the survey was a significant lack of suitable projects for insurers to invest in. Pipelines of infrastructure projects remain weak in many markets and in most markets any improvement made was not substantial.

Head of international affairs and investments at Insurance Europe, Cristina Mihai, said that a central objective of the EU Investment Plan is to increase private sector investment in infrastructure projects. However, if this aim to be achieved more ambitious action is required to foster the supply and crowd in insurers and other private sector investors.

A link to the press release is here.