A completed merger between the two herbicide companies, Nufarm Crop Products UK Limited (Nufarm) and AH Marks Holdings Limited, was cleared by the Competition Commission (CC) on 11 February 2009. The CC concluded that the merger would lead to a substantial lessening of competition in the UK markets for the supply of MCPA and MCPP-p, two chemical herbicides sold under the brand names of Agritox and Optica. These herbicides are used to control broadleaf weed growth in grasslands and cereals. The CC has imposed novel behavioural remedies which will help facilitate the entry of new competitors into the relevant markets. For the MCPA market, Nufarm will have to: (i) extend an existing agreement to supply MCPA technical acid to Dow AgroSciences LLC (Dow); (ii) transfer one product registration to Dow for on-sale; and (iii) create and register a new MCPA product and transfer the registration to a new entrant (Organica-Sarzyna SA). In the MCPP-p market, Nufarm will supply MCPP-p concentrate and products to two of its customers (Headland and UPL). The aim of the remedies is to facilitate new entry and competition.