On 1 March the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine simplified the procedure to obtain a Ukrainian visa for foreigners.

The major simplifications are as follows:

  • Visa application fee amount will be decreased: the visa fee will be USD 65 irrespective of the type of visa (as opposed to the current USD 85 for a single-entry visa; USD 130 for a double-entry visa; and USD 200 for a multiple-entry visa). Expedited visa processing will be subject to a double visa fee rate, i.e. USD 130 irrespective of the type of visa;
  • Visa processing time will be reduced:
    • up to 10 working days (with a possible extension to 30 working days in certain cases) for a regular service as opposed to the current 15 working days (with the same possible extension to 30 working days); and
    • up to 5 working days for an expedited service from the time of submission of all necessary documents (the current processing time for expedited services is decided by the competent visa authority on a case by case basis).
  • Long stay visa (type D) for persons traveling to Ukraine for the purpose of processing documents that give the right to temporarily reside in Ukraine will be issued as a multiple-entry visa for 90 days. Currently it is issued as a single-entry visa for 45 days.
  • Invitation letter from a natural person or legal entity issued by the State Migration Service of Ukraine will no longer be required. In turn, a notarised invitation letter from a natural person or an invitation letter on a letterhead from a legal entity will be sufficient for issuing a short-term visa.
  • The procedure of electronic application for a visa will be implemented. An applicant will be able to apply, pay visa fees and track the processing status online.

The new changes are expected to simplify the visa process and attract more foreign visitors to Ukraine.

The text of the changes has not been officially published as at the date of this alert. The new rules will become effective 30 days after promulgation of the respective governmental resolution.

Legislation: Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 118 dated 1 March 2017.