Michael Carrouth and Reyburn Lominack’s article “The NLRB’s New Election Rules Do Not Provide a Level Playing Field” was featured in the March/April SC Chamber’s Newsletter.

As expected, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) closed out 2014 by issuing its final rules to expedite union elections. These rules, commonly referred to as the “quickie” or “ambush” election rules, will dramatically reduce the time between the date a union files a petition for an election and the vote. Currently, the new rules are set to take effect on April 14, 2015. With this deadline approaching, it is important for employers to understand how they and their employees could be affected by the new rules. More importantly, employers need to understand what steps they should take to ensure their employees make an informed decision in the event they are faced with a union organizing campaign under the new rules.

In the article, Michael and Reyburn address the most significant changes contained in the NLRB’s new election rules and what employers can do to prepare for potential union organizing efforts and elections now.

Michael and Reyburn state that if the new election rules survive the current legal challenges and take effect on April 14, undoubtedly they will drastically slant the playing field in favor of unions. Unfortunately, employers who adopt a wait-and-see approach may find themselves too far behind to catch up. However, with effective planning and preparation, employers can put themselves in the best position to limit how the new rules negatively impact them and their employees.