Much of the debate over S.B. 310 – Ohio Sen. Troy Balderson's (R-Zanesville) proposal to freeze the state's renewable energy and energy efficiency benchmarks at their 2014 levels – is reminiscent of the testimonies heard last year over Sen. Bill Seitz's (R-Cincinnati) proposal to scale back the standards, S.B. 58. Some local government officials and representatives from industrial companies previously testified in support of S.B. 310, then last Wednesday "a score of witnesses...urged members not to pass the bill," according to the Gongwer Ohio Report. During this hearing, the Ohio Consumers' Counsel and the Ohio Manufacturers' Association "asked the committee not to hold renewable and energy efficiency benchmarks at the current levels while a proposed study examines the issues." The groups are referring to a provision in S.B. 310 establishing a 21-member Energy Mandates Study Committee tasked with conducting a cost-benefit analysis on the effects of maintaining the standards versus the 2014 levels going forward (See our April 3, 2014, blog post for more information). Despite the opposition, Sen. Seitz said that "he hoped to amend and vote the measure out of committee next week," the article said.