On June 10, 2013, Governor John Kitzhaber signed Oregon Senate Bill 814 into law, amending the Oregon Environmental Cleanup Assistance Act, Or. Rev. Stat. § 465.478. The law implements significant claims management and policy interpretation rules to ensure more efficient resolution of environmental claims that insurers typically dispute. For environmental claims that have not yet been resolved by a final judgment in litigation, the law (1) clarifies that the owned property exclusion does not bar coverage for remediation of pollution that threatens groundwater or neighboring property; (2) entitles policyholders to select independent counsel at the insurer's expense to defend pollution claims; (3) bars insurers from enforcing policy provisions prohibiting policyholders from assigning their rights to coverage without the insurer's consent; (4) insulates insurers that settle policyholder claims from suits for contribution by non-settling insurers; (5) broadens the grounds for policyholders to sue insurers for unfair environmental claims settlement practices (including untimely claims investigation or payment, or improper denial of a claim); and (6) allows recovery for treble damages when bad faith is proven. While insurer groups are expected to challenge the new law as a retroactive impairment of contracts, proponents of the bill note (among other things) that the bill's "savings clause," which renders the law inapplicable when it conflicts with the demonstrated intent of the parties, preserves its constitutionality.