In the week since Donald Trump won the US presidential election, a number of new US trade mark applications comprising the word TRUMP have been filed.

These include:

  • TRUMP RESISTANCE MOVEMENT for the provision of political information in class 35;
  • LOCK HE UP TRUMP for athletic apparel in class 25;
  • TRUMPNATION for “promoting public awareness in the field of social welfare” in class 35; and
  • FIST BUMP FOR TRUMP/DONALD TRUMP/PRESIDENT TRUMP for bumper stickers and clothing in classes 16 and 25 respectively.

While none are yet registered, many are being used, including via Facebook pages and Twitter feeds with names like @dumpthedonald.

We are yet to see any post election applications in Australia. Although one enterprising trade mark applicant got in early and lodged an application for TRUMP: MAKE AMERICA GREAT – A GAME for board games in class 28 back in May. The application is still pending, with IP Australia having issued an adverse report.

We should however, expect that new applications comprising the word TRUMP will be filed in due course. After President Obama was elected, for example, a spate of applications were filed, including OBAMA COLA for soft drinks in class 32. Unfortunately the application was never accepted, which is why you haven’t seen any OBAMA COLA on your supermarket shelves of late.  

As we wait to see the impact that the election of Donald Trump has in the US and globally, we count the Australian trade marks database as but one of the things likely to be impacted.