On April 27, 2015, Judge Lordissued an ID (Order No. 135) in Certain Optical Disc Drives, Components Thereof, And Products, Inv. No. 337-TA-897 finding that Complainants lack standing to assert the “Kadlec Patents.” A Public Version of the ID issued on June 5. The Commission issued a Notice on June 9 to review the ID and affirmed the ID with modified reasoning terminating the investigation in its entirety. A Commission Opinion will issue shortly. On October 20, 2014, ALJ Lord had issued a first ID (Order No. 113) terminating the investigation based on Optical Devices lack of standing to assert the “Wild Patents” and the Kadlec Patents. On December 4, 2014, the Commission determined to review Order No. 113, in part, and issued an Opinion affirming, with modified reasoning, that Optical Devices lacked standing to assert the Wild Patents, and that it would prejudice Respondents to allow Optical Devices to join other necessary parties. The Commission vacated the finding that Optical Devices lacked standing to assert the Kadlec patents and remanded for further proceeding. On remand Judge Lord found that Optical Devices does not hold all substantial rights to the Kadlec Patents, and therefore, lacks standing to maintain an action for infringement without joinder of other necessary parties. This Update will monitor any review by the Commission or issuance of the Commission’s Opinion terminating the investigation.