From 8 June 2015, it will no longer be requirement for motorists to hold a paper counterpart of a driving licence. The Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) have, following a review by the Department for Transport, introduced the change to provide a more efficient and simplified service. As a result the DVLA is seeking to modernise the way it stores and records details of motorists by scrapping the paper element of the two-part licence in favour of a new online system.

The original purpose of the paper counterpart of the driving licence was to record details not found on the photocard, in particular driving offences. However, from 8 June 2015 points will only be recorded electronically. Whereas fines will still have to be paid by a driver for any offence committed, the photocard will not be updated to account of any offences accrued. Accordingly, logistics providers looking to check driver records will no longer be able to check the paper license furnished by their drivers for possible offences but will instead have to check this information online or by post or phone.

Drivers will be able to provide evidence of their driving record by accessing the DVLA’s Share Driving Licence service and providing their employer or provider they deliver goods on behalf of with an access code which permits them checking their driver record. Alternatively a driver can now give the DVLA permission for their driving record to be checked by a business or a nominated person.