Mexico has enacted new immigration regulations.  These new regulations represent Mexico’s new immigration policy and are intended to regulate the migration of individuals in and out of the country; the policy for the issuance of visas; the status of non-residents within Mexican territory; and other immigration related matters. New compliance requirements are also established.

Some of the new areas covered in the Regulations are:

  • Reporting obligations of maritime, air, and land passenger carriers.
  • Proceedings at ports of entry.
  • Visa requirements.
  • Family member migration.
  • Quota and Point based visas.
  • Employment visas.
  • Resident compliance requirements.
  • Resident reporting obligations (including changes of marital status).
  • Extradition.
  • Protection of minors and refugees.
  • International assistance and cooperation
  • Custody of foreigners.
  • Deportation proceedings.
  • Sanctions

These Regulations will become effective in November of 2012.  Foreigners residing in Mexico or planning on moving to Mexico, foreigners doing business in Mexico, Mexican companies hiring foreigners and passenger carriers shall consult with their attorneys to see how these Regulations may affect them.