PJM Interconnection's existing Limited Demand Response (LDR), which is available for 10 dispatches annually on weekdays between June and September, will be joined by two new types of demand response for the first time during the 2014/15 delivery year, RTO Insider reports. The new products are Extended Summer DR, which will be available seven days a week between May and October, and Annual DR, which will be available year-round. This month, the Market Implementation Committee endorsed changes "governing how demand response providers may substitute for underperforming resources when called to dispatch." The substitute and underperforming registration must "be located in the same dispatch area; have comparable capacity commitments; ... and have the same designated lead time...," the article said. The new products come after record low temperatures in January as well as unusually high temperatures combined with planned equipment outages in September forced PJM to call upon a record amount of demand response. For more, read the full story.