7 March 2013

EDPS publishes article discussing data protection and responsible internet usage Written for the EESC Conference "Towards a more responsible use of the internet - The European civil society perspective", Peter Hustinx’s article states that data protection is key for responsible use of the internet. The article begins with a short review of the development of data protection legislation. It states that we should use the current reform of data protection legislation to “reduce the current diversity and complexity” of data protection regulation. Hustinx concludes by saying that the draft Data Protection Regulation will ensure more harmony and consistency across the EU and will lead to data protection bodies cooperating more closely on various issues. He claims that this will lead to the internet being used more responsibly.

The article can be read here.

20 March 2013

EDPS releases additional comments on the proposed reform of data protection regulation EDPS’ comments relate to specific issues which the EDPS believed needed to be clarified following his review of amendments proposed by various European Parliament committees. The main comments related to:  

  • Anonymisation, pseudonymisation and the definition of personal data;
  • Restriction of the scope of the proposed regulation;
  • The definition of explicit consent;
  • Sanctions and collective action; and
  • Transfer of data to countries outside the EU.

The EDPS’ comments can be accessed here.