FSB updates G-SI lists: FSB has updated its lists of global systemically important institutions (G-SIs), in respect of insurers (G-SIIs) and banks (G-SIBs). (Source: FSB Updates G-SIIs and FSB Updates G-SIBs

FSB consults on total loss absorbency: FSB is proposing a common international standard on Total Loss-Absorbency Capacity (TLAC) for G-SIBs. The proposal consists of principles and a term sheet to implement them in an internally agreed form. TLAC would be set within the range of 16% to 20% of an institution's risk weighted assets and should be at least twice the leverage ratio. Liabilities that are not regulatory capital would not have to amount to more than a third of TLAC. The proposals also include guidance for home and host supervisors that, in view of the characteristics of a G-SIB, may decide to apply a TLAC which is higher than the minimum. FSB asks for comments by 2 February 2015. (Source:Adequacy of TLAC for G-SIBs

FSB updates on derivatives reform: FSB has published the eighth progress report on implementation of OTC derivatives market reforms. It highlights that exchange-trading obligations are the ones taking longer to implement, China being the only jurisdiction to have regulations in force. (Source: Eighth Progress Report on Implementation of OTC Derivatives Market Reforms

FSB updates on resolution: FSB has published its latest progress report to the G-20 on reform of resolution regimes and resolution planning for global systemically important financial institutions. It has identified several priorities for 2015 including finalising the common international standard for the TLAC. (Source: FSB Updates on Resolution)