According to a joint motion filed in Florida federal court, Papa John’s International Inc. and a class of consumers have reached an agreement in a lawsuit alleging that the pizza company charged tax on delivery fees in violation of state law. Schojan v. Papa John’s Intl. Inc., No. 14-1218 (U.S. Dist. Ct., M.D. Fla., motion filed February 16, 2015).

The motion requested that the district court remand the case to state court because the federal court lacks jurisdiction under the Tax Injunction Act and stipulated that the parties “have reached an agreement in principle to settle this action in its entirety upon its remand to state court.” The March 2014 complaint had alleged that Papa John’s charged more than $5 million in state tax on the more than $74.5 million in delivery fees it had earned in Florida since 2010. The court certified a class of consumers and denied the pizza company’s motion to dismiss in December 2014. Details on a similar putative class action filed in Illinois state court appear in Issue 524 of this Update.