An ownership unbundling obligation of the electricity transmission system operator (“kantaverkko” in Finnish) would be set into legislation as required by the Electricity Market Directive. However, in practice the Finnish transmission system operator Fingrid Oyj has already been ownership unbundled, but the proposal would enact this requirement into legislation.

Another proposal concerning electricity transmission networks is the inclusion of a legal definition regarding the transmission system. This would remove the ambiguity concerning other high voltage (110kV or above) transmission and regional networks, which would according to the proposal not be considered as part of the transmission system.

As a result the Finnish mainland would have only one transmission system operator, Fingrid Oyj. The proposal includes provisions for defining the area of responsibility for the transmission system operators, which would as for Fingrid Oyj constitute all of the Finnish mainland. The territory of the autonomous Aland Islands would still be governed by its own separate legislation.