Harmonised WHS Act commenced in South Australia

South Australia’s new WHS laws took effect on 1 January 2013. The South Australian government adopted the National Model Work Health and Safety laws and passed the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (SA) along with the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012 (SA). Additionally, South Australia has adopted the recommended Codes of Practice consistent with New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory, the Northern Territory and the Commonwealth.  A copy of the link to the legislation, Codes, transitional periods and fact sheets has been provided below:


However, any “significant” new requirements will be subject to transitional periods to allow businesses enough time to prepare for them.  For example new obligations exist for work in or involving:

  • asbestos;
  • construction, including the duties of a principal contractor;
  • diving;
  • electrical;
  • hazardous chemicals;
  • lead risk; and
  • noise.

Health and Safety Representatives and Health and Safety Committee members who were elected before 1 January 2013 will continue to be recognised under the new laws for the remainder of their terms. Licences, registrations and other forms of authorisations will generally be recognised until the expiry date or 1 January 2014.

 A copy of the link to the fact sheet on transitional arrangements has been provided below: