Decree-Law No. 62/2016. D.R. No. 175/2016, Serie I of 2016-09-12 

Establishes the terms and conditions applicable to the community pharmacies for the provision of intervention services in public health, as well as the possibility of granting a specific compensation to pharmacies for the dispense of reimbursed medicines, particularly in medicinal products inserted into homogeneous groups.

Order No. 255/2016, D.R. No. 186/2016, Serie I of 2016-09-27 

Amends Order No. 223/2015, of 27th July, which regulates the reimbursement procedure applicable to the sale price of the medicinal products granted to the beneficiaries of the National Health Service (NHS).

Order No. 256/2016. D.R. no. 187/2016, Serie I of 2016-09-28 

Approves the principles and rules of good practices applicable to the medical devices wholesale activity. 

Order No. 262/2016. D.R. No. 193/2016, Serie I of 2016-10-07 

Regulates the specific contribution granted to the pharmacies for dispensing reimbursed medicinal products, in function with the “reference prices”.

Dispatch No. 11035-A/2016. D.R. No. 188/2016, Serie II of 2016-09-29 

Creates the Emergency Centre in Public Health under the General Health Direction (Direcção Geral de Saúde - “DGS”)

Dispatch No. 11613/2016. D.R. No. 188/2016, Serie II of 2016-09-29 

Nominees the Regulatory Commission of Law No. 25/2016, of 22th August, which regulates the access to the pregnancy replacement, amending for the third time Law no. 32/2016, of 26th July. 

Dispatch No. 11648-B/2016. D.R. No. 188/2016, 1st Supplement, Serie II of 2016-09-29 

Nominees the members of the National Commission of the Reference Centres.

Communication of the Ministers of Council for the Health Sector of 2016-09-15 

Approves a set of diplomas, which reinforce the priority given to the public health system by increasing the National Health System effectively and efficiently. 

Normative Circular No. 10 of Infarmed – the Portuguese Agency on Medicinal Products and of ACSS – Central Administration of the Health System dated of 2016-09-26 

Communicates to the hospitals the introduction in the contractual programme in force to the year of 2016 of a performance indicator, which depends on the savings that result from the use of biosimilar medicines. 

Normative Circular No. 8 of Infarmed – the Portuguese Agency on Medicinal Products, of ACSS – Central Administration of the Health System and SPMS – Shared Service in the Ministry of Health dated of 2016-09-22 

Updates the set of services and objects that shall be subject to a centralized acquisition procedure pursuant to Dispatch No. 1571-B/2016 of the Secretary of State for Health.