Through Order [2015] No. 76, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce recently issued new provisions on enterprises’ business scope registration (the “New Provisions”), amending the previous provisions of 2004.

Main highlights of the New Provisions:

  • They allow enterprises to apply for business scope registration at their discretion (i) by selecting one or more items in the categories or subcategories specified in the Industrial Classification for National Economic Activities, or (ii) by reference to policy, industry or professional wordings (except for business scopes subject to administrative approval by competent government authorities, in which case the enterprise must follow the corresponding procedures).
  • They no longer classify business activities into “general business activities” and “business activities subject to license administration” in the enterprises’ business license.
  • They no longer require registration of the term of business activities subject to prior administrative approval.
  • They specify corporate changes that do not require an enterprise to complete approval formalities again for business activities that have already been approved by the competent authority:
    1. Split or merger
    2. Changes of form
    3. Change of shareholders
  • They establish the enterprises’ obligation to publish any newly added or modified business activities that are subject to government approval through the online Enterprise Credit Information Disclosure System.

Date of issue: August 27, 2015. Effective date: October 1, 2015.