New restrictions on store opening hours during holidays

The Czech Parliament has approved a new law on opening hours for retailers and wholesalers which will affect certain employers and their employees from 1 October 2016. Affected stores will need to close during eight public holidays.

What will change?

Affected retailers and wholesalers will not be permitted to open on the following holidays: 1 January, Easter Monday, 8 May, 28 September, 28 October, 24 December (from 12:00 pm to midnight), 25 December and 26 December.

Who will be affected?

Subject to specified exceptions (below) the ban on sales during holidays applies to:

  • stores with a sales floor of more than 200 m2 (including. supermarkets and other stores with large areas of sales floor)
  • all pawnshops, second-hand stores and facilities for the collection and purchase of waste, regardless of their size


The following stores are exempt from these new restrictions:

  • stores whose sales floor is smaller than 200 m2
  • petrol stations selling fuels and lubricants
  • pharmacies
  • stores in areas of increased concentration of passengers at airports, railway stations and bus terminals
  • stores in medical facilities
  • retailers and wholesalers operating at times when a state of danger, state of emergency, state of threat or state of war has been declared

What are the potential consequences of breach?

A breach of the ban on store-opening during holidays will attract a potential fine of up to CZK 1 million for a first offence, or of up to CZK 5 million for repeated offences.

Radek Matouš