Last week, the City Council of the City of Las Vegas implemented a 90-day moratorium on the acceptance or consideration of applications seeking a land use entitlement to sell package liquor.  The City cited concerns about the proliferation of packaged liquor sales for off-premise consumption.  Particularly, the City noted an increase in businesses near residential areas that claim to offer a variety of sundry, food, and convenience items, but primarily sell alcohol products.

Prior to a liquor license being issued for a business, the location must have a land use entitlement to sell packaged liquor (i.e., in sealed containers).  The 90-day moratorium only applies to land use entitlement applications, not applications for liquor licenses where the entitlement is in place.  It also only applies to locations having less than 5,000 square feet of gross floor area, so grocery stores and larger convenience or liquor stores could still seek an entitlement for package liquor sales.  The moratorium also does not apply to businesses seeking to just sell package beer and wine.

The City suggested that distance separations like those in surrounding jurisdictions may be considered in the future.  I understand we should see a proposed ordinance from the City some time in August.