A Wyoming state court has concurred with the state Oil and Gas Conservation Commission’s (Commission’s) conclusion that the identities of chemicals in commercial hydraulic-fracturing fluids constitute trade secrets. Powder River Basin Res. Council v. Wyo. Oil & Gas Conservation Comm’n, No. 94650-C (Wyo. Dist. Ct. 3/21/13). Petitioners had submitted requests for information under a state public-records law seeking, among other things, “all information the commission had received about the chemical formulations” used by hydraulic-fracturing operations in the state. As required by state law, oil and gas operators had submitted that information to the Commission and had requested that the chemical names and proportions be exempt from public disclosure as trade-secret information. The Commission found that the information was a trade secret and redacted that information when responding to the petitioners, who then sued to obtain the information. The court concurred with the Commission’s determination, finding the information properly withheld.