The Danish Ministry of the Environment has stated that the government intends to pressure the European Commission to phase out certain phthalates— including BBP, DEHP, DBP, and DIBP, which are used to soften plastics such as food containers—after the European Court of Justice found that Denmark’s proposed ban on them conflicts with EU regulations. Environment Minister Kirsten Brosbøl said, “I’m putting pressure on the Commission to speed up assessment and regulation of these substances in the EU. I haven’t given up on the ban or other regulation on phthalates, and therefore I’ve asked the Danish EPA to look into whether there is a new basis for Danish phthalate regulations, if the assessment by the European Chemicals Agency does not result in common EU regulations.” According to Brosbøl, the ministry will step up efforts to educate consumers “about products containing harmful chemistry and increase the use of the Nordic Ecolabel on products in Denmark.” See Danish Ministry of the Environment Press Release, July 1, 2014.