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Dentons' Gaelen Doherty is joined by Katherine Beisler, Director and the head of ESG Consulting at Hollis Global, as they explore the nuances of implementing ESG principles in the real estate sector.

In this podcast, we dive deep into the growing influence of ESG in commercial real estate, exploring the drivers, challenges and evolving regulations surrounding ESG. Katherine will guide us through the factors driving ESG's popularity, the challenges faced by landlords and tenants, and the evolving regulatory obligations. Meanwhile, Gaelen uncovers the mechanics of green leases in the world of commercial real estate.

Katherine will also offer insights into ESG's role in due diligence for property acquisitions and showcase real-world examples of innovative sustainability initiatives by landlords, along with a sneak peek into the future as she shares her predictions on the forthcoming shifts and advancements in ESG integration within commercial real estate.